Project "GREEN WEEK"

School has readiness and concern to promote and implement projects to provide educational extracurricular activities for students to develop their competitive skills required by an open society: creativity, ability to make decisions, entrepreneurial capacity.
Project “Green Week” need to organize to inform and involve our students in activities to protect and preserve the ecological environment. In this way we facilitate direct contact of students from the county. Potential activities included in the project can be used as additional means of social integration and active participation of youth in the community.
By promoting cooperation in the project using a variety of teaching approaches we aim to raise the standards of education quality. Consequently, the extracurricular activity is conducted through the proposed project area applied for transfer and applicability of knowledge, skills, skills acquired by our students.
My name is Mihaela Loredana Rusu and I am teacher at Economic High School of Tourism from Iasi, Romania. I am teaching tourism. Last year, I coordinated first edition project (18 – 23 April 2010) in my school. Students involved (15 – 19 years old) have learned how to protect the environment and produced many educational materials for environmental education.
This year I will coordinate second edition project (26 – 30 april 2011) in Iasi so will be involve students from schools in the Iasi county.
We decided to make this wiki because we think that it is an oportunity for us to know more about the pollution from the world and we keep in touch in the virtual world. Please share with us your experiences on the environmental activities undertaken by your school. Will be a pleasure for us to kwow you better.
Toghether we can be the change we want to see in the world.